Alan Mantooth 教授
最近更新时间:2017/8/30 13:33:03
Prof. Alan Mantooth
IEEE 电力电子学会主席
President of IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS)
阿肯色大学(University of Arkansas)
IEEE Fellow
报告题目:Wide Bandgap Power Electronics: A Growing Reliance on Design Automation

报告摘要:Wide bandgap (WBG) power electronics have created a buzz in our field. Unheard of power densities are being realized as a result of higher switching frequencies and a capability to withstand elevated temperatures. These advances remain too costly for many applications. Reliability of these highly dense designs should be ascertained. Further, the generation of electromagnetic interference in high speed switching contexts must be dealt with. Several leading researchers have described the need for multi-objective optimization to help address the new tradeoff space for WBG design. These characteristics of WBG design point to a growing reliance on design automation analogous to that found in VLSI design. This includes with high fidelity semiconductor device models for circuit analysis – ultimately requiring electrothermal analysis for reliability assessment and proper electrothermal co-design. The design automation requirements continue with proper layout software to enable simulation of module and board parasitics that can play a significant role in signal integrity at higher frequencies. These aspects of power electronic system design will be described and illustrated with examples.

报告人介绍:Alan Mantooth博士现任阿肯色大学电气工程系杰出教授,IEEE 电力电子学会主席,IEEE Fellow。他目前同时担任NCREPT和GRAPES及其两个卓越中心的执行主席:NSF I / UCRC先进并网发电系统(GRAPES)和NSF EPSCoR垂直集成转换能源研究中心(VICTER),NSF EPSCoR绿色纳米质子太阳能电池研究中心主任。